It accomplished exactly what it claimed it could do. The tool recovered everything we asked of it.
Mike, USA


Customer quotes and feedbacks

My company needed the tool to un-delete some very large (90+ gig), very important files. We found that the Compunix tool worked perfectly. It accomplished exactly what it claimed it could do. The tool recovered everything we asked of it.

The tool is very easy to use. Follow the directions, and the tool will do exactly what you want.

Mike, USA

You were a great help to us, and your tool worked perfectly. Your tool saved our company from a great hardship.

The tool worked perfectly. We recovered a 90 gig Cache database file in a 630 gig file system. After the file was recovered we ran a Cache Integrity check to validate the database and it was perfect.

Gary, USA

It was definitely beyond my expectations of how well an undelete program would work!

Andy, UK

We downloaded, and the tool said it could do it. So for us it was well worth the money!!

Gary, Australia

I think the utility proved VERY valuable ... MANY THANKS for all the time and attention that you put in to this!!!

Tom, USA

Thanks for your help yesterday. We were able to restore the file 100%. We have a pointer in the database that had an issue. This might have be the problem when the database couldn't write to the blocks. The vendor went in and repaired the pointer and we reran the journal file and restore up to the second. We were up and running before noon.

Daren, USA

Overall, your utility worked extremely well, and we were able to recover almost completely from what would have otherwise been a disastrous loss of data.

Jesse, USA

So we were able to recover the files which allowed us to recover the whole system. In the end, we have recover quite 1 TB data with Compunix. Many thanks for your very responsive support.

Pierre-Henri, France

We have retrieved all the deleted data from SAP successfully. Your expertise support and attention to resolve the issue were tremendously valuable. The recovery utility of yours have been very effective and consistent. We would not hesitate to recommend your support & utility to any concern who face the same scenario. Once again, your support is highly remarkable.

Shah, India

Web references

AIX frequently ask questions (FAQ)

The FAQ of comp.unix.aix lists Compunix as a resource for assistance in recovery of deleted files.

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A blog reference from 2000.