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Direct link: How to recover deleted files in AIX. Download free tool.


We have retrieved all the deleted data from SAP successfully. Your expertise support and attention to resolve the issue were tremendously valuable. The recovery utility of yours have been very effective and consistent. We would not hesitate to recommend your support & utility to any concern who face the same scenario. Once again, your support is highly remarkable.
Shah, India

AIX Data Recovery on IBM Power

Compunix is providing since 1992 data recovery services and data recovery software for AIX on IBM Power. Compunix has been involved in all types of incidents related to deleted, missing or inaccessible data.

Examples of data loss disasters where Compunix helped to recover:

What we recovered Causes of data loss How we recovered
Deleted files.
Deleted directories.
Deleted databases.

Several causes from human errors, bad written shell scripts executed in cron-jobs or disgruntled employees.

Typical commands:

  • rm *
  • rm -r *

Tool for automated recovery.
Recovery example for JFS2 undelete.
Re-created filesystems.

A 'crfs' command executed on a logical volume that contained a real filesystem.

Tool for automated recovery.
Example for recovery from crfs.
Logical volumes deleted A 'rmlv' command executed on a logical volume that contained a real filesystem. Also in the case of partial corrupted logical volume. Consultancy services.